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Professional website translation

Seeing that website translation and localisation is one of our most demanded services we consider ourselves a website translation company. To translate a website manually takes time. If you leave the task to us, not only will your chances of increasing your return on investment (ROI) increase, but you will also release time to focus on your core business.


Interested? Submit your contact information, and we will contact you.   Not sure if you should translate your website? Read on and we’ll show you the benefits of making your website multilingual, and which considerations to make when you translate your website. 


Website translation company

We offer professional human translation, where the translator will always be a native speaker of the target language and who reside in the country where the language is spoken. We also offer translation software that streamlines your continuous work with updating the content and translation on your webpage.

If you choose us as your preferred website translation service provider, we can guarantee that regardless of language combination or subject matter, you will profit from a reliable and well-defined quality control process.

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We are a translation agency specialised in translation for web and e-commerce, and it is one of our most demanded services. We help our customers with,

  • Website translation

  • Website and content localisation

  • Industry-specific knowledge

  • Online stores and ecommerce platforms

  • Translation to over 170 languages

  • SEO-translation

  • Market customisation

  • Website translation tools: automate translation processes through API and plugin-solutions

  • We will translate your website source text no matter on which file type it is stored.  

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The benefits of a multilingual website

A multilingual web site or online store gives your business a competitive advantage. If you want to earn money on your website, translating and localising your content is the most cost effective solution.

Translate your website and increase your return on investment (ROI). If your site receives traffic from users who do not speak your language, translation can help to improve your conversion rate.

A multilingual website helps to improve your ranking and visibility on Google searches, and it opens new markets for your business. Keep the multilingual content on your site updated with translation software, and customise your message toward the audience you want to reach; it will build trust and credibility as well as strengthen your brand. 

Why is a professional translation of your website important for your business?

Can your website earn money? Yes. If you would you like to earn money on your website, making it multilingual is the cheapest translation strategy on the market, but it is imperative that you do it correctly.


Leave a professional website translation agency do the job for you that can ensure that your website will be translated in a linguistically and culturally appropriate manner, and that the vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style, and tone reflects the target group, and is in accordance with the company's terminology.

First impressions are important. Potential customers or users will judge the company based on what they find and read when they visit the web page. If you do not invest in a professional translation of your web page or ecommerce platform, you risk that the customer is met with strange formulations, the wrong word usage and grammar errors. After all, the webpage should be your business' face outward, and you want the visitors to understand your message and what you are selling.

In order for your website to hold the desired quality, you need to set the task to a professional website translation company that can guarantee the best translation. A translation bureau who knows the subject terminology within your industry. We are trusted by our customers for providing them the best localisation translation on the market. Read more about our customers here.

Translate website to English?

Although English is the dominant language on the internet, English-speakers only make up 26% of internet users. Making your website multilingual is often a solution that pays off in several ways. It is more likely that a visitor spends time on your online store and clicks "Purchase", when the product description is in a language that they understand. The Swedish poster retailer Desenio is a testament to this.

—  We've seen an immense increase in turnover whenever we translate our website into the local language of the new market we expand to, says Fredrik Palm, CEO at Desenio.

Desenio hired Amesto Translations to translate their online store into 10 languages. Today, Desenio is represented in over 30 countries.

Offering local languages are going to be key for every businesses’s success in the future, as the users of internet are rising. In the 1990s, 80% of the world wide web’s content were in English. Today, English sites are translated to Chinese, Spanish, Russian, French and German in order to open new markets – and yours should be too if you want to be ahead of your competitors.

Which languages your website should be translated into depends on the markets you wish to reach. Did you know that Spanish is the second most spoken language in America? If you translate your web page to Spanish, you will not only reach more customers in the U.S., but also be a door opener to other Spanish-speaking countries.



Do you need to localise your website?

Translation should not only involve translating word for word, but to render the message in a responsive manner to the desired audience. You see, translating words is just one part of the equation: localisation and adaptation are also key elements in the process of customising your website to the market.

We offer localisation and market adaptation of your e-commerce platform or web page. Localisation is the process by which one of our marketing specialist translators tailors your site to make it sound more attractive and interesting in the country where you wish to open markets. This involves taking something from the original text and changing it so it will make sense in the target market, such as measures and currency, but also analyzing what for example a slogan or a brand name means. This way you can avoid negative associations related to the products or your services. We ensure that the translations are both meaningful and culturally acceptable in the countries you wish to reach. 

Why keyword research and SEO translation is essential for making your website useful for your business

In order for your ecommerce platform to show up in Google, it's important to drive search engine optimisation. "Key words" is an important factor if you want to be on Google's first page, and it is an important component of an SEO strategy. An effective search strategy should include the use of your keywords, translation, synonyms, and keyword lists to find the best localised keywords. Google uses over 200 factors in their algorithm when it ranks web sites. Titles, metadata, "bread crumbs" and "rich snippets" is used by search engines to determine the performance and ease of use.

Even if you have done everything correct when it comes to content, SEO and marketing, you may miss out on many potential visitors of the simple reason that not everyone speaks the same language. 

Translating your website is the first step in customising your site to potential new customers, and this includes SEO-translation. Amesto Translations have translators with SEO and localisation experience that can help you translate web- and landing pages, as well as titles, metadata, etc. Consider whether these are factors you want translated by a website translation agency.

 Remember that the wrong keywords on your website will attract the wrong audience with a lot of bounced visitors that will downgrade your site in the eyes of google search. Therefore, localising your keywords is of great importance if you wish for your investment in a translation of your page to be a success.

Website translation tools

Do you have a multilingual website and would like to automate the translation process? We have translation software that will reduce the costs of updating your multilingual content significantly. With Amesto AutoConnect your CMS is seamlessly integrated into the translation process.


No matter if you work in, Joomla, Sitecore, Wordpress, Episerver, Umbraco, Sitefinity, Inriver or any other CMS or PIM system, we can handle the automation process of your content. Get in contact if you need an API/plug-in for your system, and we can look at the possibilities with that exact platform.


Read more about our plugin solution for Wordpress and API for Episerver below.


If you are interested in our Amesto AutoConnect-solutions, please use the form or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

AutoConnect for Episerver

When your content is ready to be translated, you simply choose the relevant pages and/or block in your CMS and the language you want to translate to. With just a few clicks you send the files for translation. 

When the translation is finished, the files are automatically returned to the designated location in your CMS.


AutoConnect for WordPress

API connection which facilitates the basic translation of websites created in WordPress. You no longer need to engage in any manual manipulation of the site.

With just a few clicks, you can send the content for translation and the text is returned to the right place.


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