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There is a close relationship between translation and proofreading. We know words and we know them in many languages. We can make sure that you find proofreading professionals who can handle both short texts and large volumes of documentation.

Proofreading carried out by a professional, native speaker

Sometimes you may need, for example, to communicate in a Group language that is not your native language. Do you write your own texts, which are read by a large number of people? Do you feel uncomfortable communicating in a foreign language?

In such cases, it could be a good idea to let a native speaker perform a professional proofreading or review the text before sending it. Interested? Submit your contact information, and we will contact you.




Why are professional proofreading services needed?

It is certainly not uncommon that businesses lose out on contracts due to poor language proficiency. A professional proofreading, also called language review, is crucial to avoid this. The benefit of a proofreading is that that one of our professional language experts proofreads your text and checks the spelling and grammar, as well as providing you with suggestions on how to improve your texts in terms of fluency and good terminology.

The proofreader does not alter the content of the text, but rather ensures that the text has a natural flow and is idiomatically correct. Our proofreading service is always carried out by a linguist who is a native speaker of the language being reviewed.

Get valuable tips from professional proofreading 

The proofreading is carried out with you and you alone in mind, meaning that we choose the correct formulations for your business, in just the right style and tone, and using a uniform and fluent language. Our linguist rewrites any passages that do not fit the rest of the text, and carefully consider all sentences to ensure their suitability for the desired audience you want to reach.

We will enhance the written text and its message to achieve a quality that you will, at any time, be able to vouch for. We provide constructive feedback, and you are, of course, free to determine whether the proposed changes are appropriate. Nobody knows your business better than you, so the final word will always be yours. 


What kind of documents can be proofread?

We offer proofreading of,
annual reports, web sites, legal documents, speeches, theses, sales letters, marketing materials, magazines, job applications, digital newspapers, articles ... only your imagination sets the limit of what we can proofread!

If you ask us at Amesto Translations, there is no text that would not benefit from a professional language review.

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What does proofreading cost?

The price of proofreading services can vary depending on the size of the document and how quickly you want your document back. It is therefore best to send us the document that is to be proofread, along with your desired deadline, to get an accurate quote. Send the file to us by email and we will get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.

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Proofreading service UK

You can turn to us for UK-based proofreading services. We can make sure that you find proofreading professionals who can handle proofreading of English documents. All of our English proofreaders are native English speakers from the UK. They have been selected for their quality work and extensive experience in professional English. We provide proofreading services for companies in the UK and around the world. 

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