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Translated text layout review saves you time, money and resources

As the majority of translations expand somewhat relative to the source language, the translated files will, depending on the format, have text that doesn't quite fit into existing text spaces. By assigning us to check the layout following translation you can save time, money and resources.



Benefit from our expertise

Let us help you to adjust the translated documents to obtain a consistency of appearance between the source document and final translated version.

Our experts can handle most formats and versions, and can deliver complete files and even high-resolution PDFs if desired, on the condition that we have received all necessary secondary files (embedded images, etc.). In addition, certain languages require a complete change of typeface for the text to be displayed correctly.

Complex languages

You can also take advantage of our knowledge of languages that require more advanced layout work, including RTL (right to left) languages such as Arabic, Farsi and Hebrew. In order to adjust the layout for these languages, a special version of InDesign is needed.

Asian languages also often use a completely different typeface from western languages. At the same time, the existing typeface may be desirable for the western characters. There are various means of achieving this, but this requires a comprehensive knowledge of the software's functions. Some languages, e.g. Chinese Mandarin and Thai, take up significantly less space than English and can require additional layout efforts.


Advantages of letting us do the layout check

This is how you save time, money and resources by assigning us to check the layout following translation.

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