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Translation tools for more control

Do you need to maintain a more direct control over your translations? We have the solution for you - Amesto Collaborate.



Amesto Collaborate

Amesto Collaborate gives you access to your own cloud for your translation requirements. This means that you can independently create projects and translate text with the help of the resources provided there. The resources consist of the translation memories and any termbases you have.

This is the ideal alternative for, e.g. customers with foreign subsidiaries which handle their own translations. This provides you with control and an overview of all of your projects.

Advantages of using Amesto Collaborate

Using Amesto Collaborate entails a number of advantages when it comes to gaining an overview of all your translations.

Translation memory technology

By using Amesto Collaborate, you also gain control of how your translation memories are used. Translation memories is a tool that allows you to cut down your translation costs while simultaneously ensuring greater consistency between translations. This is a technology that is used in almost all translations carried out by us.

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