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Automated Translation API

Update multilingual content quickly and simply, with shorter lead times. Using our simple plugin, you can easily launch and maintain content in many languages – in the same environment in which you create and publish that content.

Interested? Submit your contact information, and we will contact you.   Not sure if you would benefit from an API solution? Read on and we’ll show you the benefits of our automated solutions for updating your content.



Amesto AutoConnect

Do you need to translate your website? There’s a plugin for that! It should be easy to order translation and to keep your web page updated in all its various languages. At least that’s our opinion at Amesto Translations.

Automate text and translation work through integration. With our API and plugin solutions you can quickly and smoothly send, retrieve and publish your web texts in your e-commerce platform or CMS.

We have over 3,000 translators ready to help you with your language needs. Whatever the language combination, discipline, industry and material, we have a translator that fits your requirements.

No more copy and paste

Keeping your website up to date in all its various languages can be a demanding undertaking, and the likelihood of errors creeping in when executing file transfers and ftp uploads is high.

With Amesto AutoConnect, your CMS is seamlessly integrated into the translation process. Operating on the international stage entails some major challenges, and often requires the relevant communication in multiple languages.

Would you like to see how it works?

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Eliminate manual, time-consuming steps in your multilingual content creation process.

Send your website for translation – either partially or entirely – directly from Episerver, in just a few simple clicks.

Episerver API solution


 Amesto Translations is official partner of WPML. With our WordPress plugin you will be able to translate your whole website.

When you install our plugin, all you need to do is send the text you need translated – everything from a line of text to thousands of words at a time – directly from the WordPress dashboard.

WordPress plugin


We offer you an easy and functional way to facilitate the creation of a multilingual e-commerce site. 

You manage your translation lifecycle entirely from within inRiver PIM, and the direct integration allows you to send texts to be professionally translated with a single click.



No matter if you work in, Joomla, Sitecore, Wordpress, Episerver, Umbraco, Paligo, Sitefinity, Inriver or any other CMS or PIM system, we can handle the automation process of your content.

Contact us by filling in your information in the form and add a comment about which CMS or PIM system that you are interested in a solution for.

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Why translate your website?

Read more about why translating your company's website can be the most cost-effective way of entering a new market. 

Website translation


Installation, implementation and support

We are available for our customers. Regardless of whether it regards the implementation of our API/plugins, installation and configuration of modules or technical support, we are at your service. 

Support for: Episerver CMS & Episerver Commerce. The plugin is continually updated to the latest version of Episerver and you as a client are in control of the updates.

Amesto Translations is official partner to WPML and all support is handled by WPML directly.  We are also at your service and will do our best to help you get the support you need.

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